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Hi! I’m Kenzie (whatever pronouns suit your fancy): a storyteller, game designer, fight choreographer, performer, martial artist, mythology/military history/science nerd, adventurer, and friend to animals and plants. My philosophy in life and art is to chase fun, passion, curiosity, and adventure, and try to share my joy with as many people around me as I can. As a game designer, I strive to make my players laugh, cry, and enjoy the fights, and to challenge stereotypes with unique, diverse characters and stories. I’m currently creating a massive Skyrim mod, writing a few books & plays, and designing a dark fantasy game in Unreal while on my quest for a more permanent game design home.

I am often stumped when asked what RPG class I would be, as a jack-of-all-trades. At the moment, I have settled on being a multi-classed Horizon Walker Ranger/Spirits Bard/Drunken Master Monk with an Entertainer background, after graduating from the Bardic College of Northwestern University for Theatre, and a smattering of feats as a warrior, healer, creative, performer, and scientist.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Shields, Theatrical Weapons, Disguise Kit (Makeup Artist), Martial Arts, Dance, Acting, Circus Aerials, Stilts, Tumbling, Writing, Editing, Game Design, Artist’s Tools (Pen and Pencil), Stage Combat, Choreography, Cook’s Utensils, Alchemist’s Tools, Tailor’s Tools, Carpenter’s Tools, Painter’s Supplies, Divination Tools (Tarot, etc.), Hanging & Focusing Lights, Cleaning & Repairing Weapons and Other Items, Healer’s Kit (including CPR/AED), Scuba Gear, Land Vehicles (Including difficult terrain and weather conditions)

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Performance, Animal Handling, History, Arcana, Survival, Medicine, Nature, Religion, Intimidation, Insight

Languages: English, Spanish, Elizabethan English, Some Mandarin, Some Icelandic, Scattered Curses and “Cat” in Many More Languages, a variety of other dialects/accents.