I have found the greatest joy, healing, community, and empowerment in the worlds of stage combat and martial arts. I have a love of both historically and martially based movement, as well as flashy and acrobatic spectacle for performance purposes. I hope to transform myself and those I teach both physically, mentally, and spiritually through physical challenge in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.

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Blind Movement


I enjoy exploring and twisting classic stories, from Shakespeare to Mythology to Archetypes that appear across time and culture in my novels, plays, and games. One of the most meaningful story archetypes to me is that of the Hero’s Journey, an ancient story of adventure, overcoming obstacles, transformation, and the importance of home, whatever that may be. I hope to bring the heroes we do not see represented often enough to light, for anyone can be a hero, regardless of whether they fit the Superhero mold.

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I have recently discovered a passion for healing. It has always been there, whether as the unofficial medic of my casts, or patching myself up from various sports injuries, but now it is more present and focused. I have a fascination both with physical wellness and transformation through fitness and spiritual wellness and transformation through a variety of avenues, including internal martial arts, meditation, spiritual alchemy, and energy healing. I am firmly in the training phase for this at the moment, and look forward to learning more.

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My Quest

When I was a kid, my impossible dream was to be a knight. I pursued this through training in stage combat, studying military history, training in a variety of martial arts, and continuing my martial arts training by going to a Kung Fu school in rural China. While there, I discovered a new quest: to combine all of my passions: storytelling & performance, martial arts & military history, healing & spirituality, and games into one clearer path. I explore the crossovers between these disciplines in stage combat, internal and meditative martial arts, game design, stunt work, writing, and new disciplines of my own invention, like Kung Fu Ballet.



Need a choreographer for your production? Have questions about how to play with swords for a living? Interested in taking a class or getting a tarot reading? Shoot me an email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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